Spatium offers all types of massage to go beyond classic relaxation. The decontracting, relaxing or draining massages are all designed to give you the expected relief, dissolve the accumulated stress, and improve the physical condition and the beauty of the body. Two rooms entirely dedicated to massages.

Total Relax GDS Method (60 min)

An intense hour to go beyond traditional relaxation. Tense-relieving, relaxing and lymphatic drainage: three massage types combined to ultimately offer the long-awaited relief, to soothe cumulative stress and to renew the lust for life in order to recover a good mood.

Four-handed Harmony (45 min)

For an embracing sensation of wellness this is the perfect massage. Two therapists perform on one client, using moves of varying paces, often synchronized in order to create a relaxing and harmonious wave.

Relax 45 e Relax 30

A massage performed with slow and deep moves, focused on the particular necessities of the individual.

Couples Massage (45 min)

Delightfully scented with natural essential oils, we suggest this massage to the couples that want to de-stress together and pamper themselves with a relaxing and highly sensorial massage.

Massa-Stretching Lemmi Method (45 min)

If you’re an athlete you can’t help but try this massage: significantly technical, it helps extend and elasticize muscular tissues and joints, making you feel free in every move. It’s ideal to better face the steep staircases of Ragusa Ibla.

Relaxing Massage with Hot Clay (45 min)

Prepare your body to mental and muscular relax. Little bags of hot clay, skilfully rubbed on the back and all over the body, stimulate neuromuscular relaxation, working as antidepressant and giving a touch of warmth to the massage.

Tension-Relieving Massage (45 min)

This massage relieves nervous tensions and contractures. It’s considered a real wellness therapy for the individuals with localized muscular pain as a consequence of bad posture, inadequate physical efforts or fatigue. This massage is suitable for those who want to make muscles less tense before or after an uncomfortable road trip, or after a stroll with a backpack or a shoulder bag.

Localized Lymphatic Drainage – Vodder Method (60 min)

For those who can’t renounce a specific beauty treatment, here is a massage that fights water retention and gets rid of toxins through extremely slow moves. This massage improves the venous blood flow and the lymphatic system, reducing swelling in the treated area and bestowing the desired sensation of lightness.

Hot Stone Massage (45 min)

This massage is performed interchanging hands and hot stones. Thanks to their rounded shape and, above all, their comforting warmth, the hot stones help to de-stress, loosen up muscular tensions, improving the blood flow and the lymphatic system and providing a psychophysical wellness.

Massa scrub (30 min)

A massage and a scrub, combined to exfoliate epidermis and gently remove dead skin cells. Skin is visibly brighter and soft. Following the massage, a shower and the application of natural and nourishing cream.

Candle massage (45 min)

A lit candle of your choice that perfumes the space, gradually becomes hot oil that can be massaged on the body with relaxing and warm moves.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment (40 min)

This massage is performed with specific creams and oils. It focuses on legs and abdomen and if regularly executed it helps fighting water retention and orange peel syndrome.

Cervical – Back Massage (30 min)

Tense-relieving massage that focuses on the cervical area and on the back. It’s useful to untie contractures and to give instant relief.