The palace that houses the first SPA in Ragusa Ibla was built around the end of 18th century by Evangelista Ottaviano, a trader who managed to run an intense and fruitful business activity during his life, by dedicating himself to the sale of agricultural products, wood and livestock. Moreover he managed for a long time a “tonnara” (a tuna fishery) located in Capo Passero and owned a “neviera” in Chiaramonte, from which he obtained snow and ice in order to freeze food supplies.
Spatium was born in the premises that once were the “dammusi” of the building, in which the cheeses were manufactured and the wine barrels were kept.
The original structure of vaults and arches is intentionally intact, leaving natural stone visible and combining warm and welcoming color tones that enhance the effect and the suggestive nature of the environment.
Spatium is a family business. A family that cultivates the same interests and that decides to convert the historic family palace into a “work centre” in which each member can have his own role: the SPA for Giuseppe and Tiziana, the B&B “Giardino di pietra” for Elena and Simone. Someday a Museum for Giuseppina and maybe a Bar for Enrico.
Spatium wants to be a personal SPA where a couple or a small group of friends can privately share the pleasure of relaxation.